Person: Olympio daughter of Agetor from Sparta (Lakonia)

Person ID: 9571
Name: Olympio
Father's Name: Agetor
Place of Origin: Sparta (Lakonia)
List of Festivals:
Panathenaia in Athens (Attica)
List of Events:
Panathenaia in Athens (Attica) on ( -170 to -169 )
List of Disciplines:
chariot: harma (teleion)
List of References:
SEG 41.115 col.1, line 34
List of Prosopographies:
Mannheim, no. 785
Comment: Olympio daughter of Agetor from Sparta won harma teleion at the Panathenaia of 17-179 BC. At some time during the first half of the second century B.C. her brother, Pedestratos, was honored as proxenos in the service of King Ptolemy VI by the city of Gortyn in Crete (IC IV 208) (OvN).