Person: [keles teleios victress] daughter of ..ados from Alexandria (Egypt)

Person ID: 9567
Name: [keles teleios victress]
Father's Name: ..ados
Place of Origin: Alexandria (Egypt)
List of Festivals:
Panathenaia in Athens (Attica)
List of Events:
Panathenaia in Athens (Attica) on ( -182 to -181 )
List of Disciplines:
riding: keles
List of References:
IG II(2), 2314 col. 1, ll. 51ff.
List of Prosopographies:
Mannheim, no. 1185
Comment: - - - adou Alexandritis (NN daughter of ---ades, from Alexandria) was victorious with keles teleios (race for full grown horse with a rider) in the Panathenaia of 182 BC . (Tracy and Habicht (1991) ; cf. SEG 41, 114)