Person: ..a.gora daughter of Lysistratos from Pedieis (Rhodes)

Person ID: 9561
Name: ..a.gora
Father's Name: Lysistratos
Place of Origin: Pedieis (Rhodes)
List of Festivals:
Haleia in Rhodes (Rhodes)
List of Events:
Haleia in Rhodes (Rhodes) on ( -225 to -175 )
List of Disciplines:
chariot: synoris (polike)
List of References:
MDAI(A) 25 (1900), p. 107, no. 106
List of Prosopographies:
Mannheim, no. 1566
Comment: ..a.gora Lysistratou Pediada was honoured by several cities for a victory in the Haleia pof ~R`hodes in synoris polike Origin: ..a.gora was from ??????, her father identifies as ???????. Poleis with the name 'Pedieis' are found in Phokis, Caria, and on Rhodes (exact location unknown, see Gabrielsen 'Rhodes' in the Wiley Online Library, Given that all other places mentioned in the inscription that mentions ---.a.gora are all on Rhodes, is likely that shewas from Rhodes.