Person: Hegestratos son of Philon from Athens (Attica)

Person ID: 7553
Name: Hegestratos
Father's Name: Philon
Place of Origin: Athens (Attica)
List of Festivals:
Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
List of Events:
Nemea in Argos (Argeia) on ( -399 to -371 )
List of References:
IG II2, 3122
List of Prosopographies:
Hyde (1921), 27, no. 11
Kyle (1993) 219, P89
Nielsen (2018), 197 no. 158
Kostouros (2008), no. 71
Comment: An inscribed marble base, found on the Acropolis and dated to the early 4th c BC, bears the inscription 'Hegestratos son of Philon, victory in the Nemea' (??????????|???????|????: ??????). Hegestratos is otherwise unknown. Kyle (Kyle (1993), 219) suggests that Hegestratos may have won in an athletic discipline.