Person: Aristokleidas son of Aristophanes from Aegina (Aegina)

Person ID: 7542
Name: Aristokleidas
Father's Name: Aristophanes
Place of Origin: Aegina (Aegina)
List of Festivals:
Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
List of Events:
Nemea in Argos (Argeia) on ( -497 to -457 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: pankration
List of References:
Pind. Nem. 3
List of Prosopographies:
Klee (1918), no. 47
Kostouros (2008), no. 24
Neumann-Hartmann (2008), 91
Comment: Aristokleidas is the honorand of the Pindaric Nem. 3. From the ode we learn four other victories at Megara and Epidaurus.