Person: Theophanes son of Sokrates from Thebes (Boiotia)

Person ID: 5822
Name: Theophanes
Father's Name: Sokrates
Place of Origin: Thebes (Boiotia)
List of Festivals:
Amphiaraia kai Rhomaia in Oropos (Boiotia)
List of Events:
Amphiaraia kai Rhomaia in Oropos (Boiotia) on ( -80 to -50 )
List of Disciplines:
music: rhapsoidia
List of References:
I.Oropos 528
IG VII 420
Koumanoudes, Arch. Eph. (1884), pp. 124-125, n. 2
Manieri (2009), Oro. 20, pp. 250-251
Reisch (1885), p. 123, n. VII (1-36)
Comment: Brother of Herodes, son of Sokrates, who won as kerux in the Charitesia of Orchomenos and the Mouseia of Thespiai (Manieri, Orc. 23, Thes. 33).