Person: Ouliades? son of Myonides? from Chrysaor?

Person ID: 4976
Name: Ouliades?
Father's Name: Myonides?
Place of Origin: Chrysaor?
List of Festivals:
Basileia? in Lebadeia (Boiotia)
List of Events:
Basileia? in Lebadeia (Boiotia) on ( -300 to -100 )
List of Disciplines:
running: dolichos
List of References:
Manieri (2009), Leb. 9, p. 153-154
Pappadakis, Arch. Delt. 8 (1923), p. 243 (= SEG III, 368)
Comment: Names, provenance and discipline are lost. Discipline proposed by Manieri. Provenance: [Chry]saor? (Manieri).