Person: Peisirodos/Peisirrodos from Thurii (Italy)

Person ID: 3432
Name: Peisirodos/Peisirrodos
Place of Origin: Thurii (Italy)
Honorary Citizen of:
List of Festivals:
Olympia in Elis (Elis)
List of Events:
Olympia in Elis (Elis) on ( -425 to -375 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: pugme
List of References:
Paus. 5.6.7-8; 6.7.2-3
List of Prosopographies:
Moretti (1957), no. 356
Comment: Peisirodos was the grandson of Diagoras (ID 461). His mother was Pherenike or Kallipateira, daughters of Diagoras. So, he was nephew of Damagetos (entry no. 223), Akysilaos (entry no. 233) and Dorieus (ID 484). He was a brother or cousin of Eukles (entry no. 277) and his victory was probably contemporary with Eukles' victory. His mother dressed herself up as a male gymnastric trainer to be able to enter the Olympic games. Many ancient authors have written about this episode (e.g. Pausanias 5.6.7-8; 6.7.2; Philostr. Gym. 17).