Person: Eubotas/Eubatas/Eubatos from Kyrene (Kyrenaika)

Person ID: 3425
Name: Eubotas/Eubatas/Eubatos
Place of Origin: Kyrene (Kyrenaika)
List of Festivals:
Olympia in Elis (Elis)
List of Events:
Olympia in Elis (Elis) on ( -364 to -364 )
Olympia in Elis (Elis) on ( -408 to -408 )
List of Disciplines:
running: stadion
chariot: tethrippon
List of References:
Ael. V.H. 10.2
D.S. 13.68
Euseb. Chron. L. 200 (ed. Christesen) = African. Chron. F65 l. 179 (ed. Wallraff)
Paus. 6.8.3
Xen. Hell. 1.2.1
List of Prosopographies:
Moretti (1957), no. 347, 421
Comment: The Libyan oracle had told Eubotas about this upcoming victory. So, he had his portrait statue made before the actual games. Eubotas: Xenophon, Pausanias Eubatos: Diodorus, Eusebius, Iulius Africanus Eubatas: Aelianus? Moretti states that Aelianus gave the proper name spelling, because it was based on an inscription from Cyrene. In the version I read of Aelianus, it states Eubotas however.