Person: Cheimon from Argos (Argeia)

Person ID: 3272
Name: Cheimon
Place of Origin: Argos (Argeia)
List of Festivals:
Olympia in Elis (Elis)
List of Events:
Olympia in Elis (Elis) on ( -448 to -448 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: pale
List of References:
P.Oxy 222
Paus. 6.9.3
List of Prosopographies:
Moretti (1957), no. 298
Comment: P. Oxy 222 reads Kimon; Pausanias mentions a Cheimon as victor in a wrestling-contest. 'X' and 'k' are confused more often, see above Lakon and Lachon (entry no. 224). The statue was made by Naukydes from Argos. One statue was in Olympia, the other in the Temple of Pax in Rome, brought there from Argos (Paus. 6.9.3). Cheimon was the father of another Olympic victor: Aristeus (Moretti 1957, no. 335).