Person: Gaius Licinius Inventus from Smyrna (Ionia)

Person ID: 325
Name: Gaius Licinius Inventus
Place of Origin: Smyrna (Ionia)
Date Range: 200 to 225
Honorary Citizen of:
Tralleis (Caria)
Sparta (Lakonia)
Alexandria (Egypt)
Athens (Attica)
List of Festivals:
___ in Alexandria?
___ in Sparta? (Lakonia)
Pythia in Kaisareia Tralleis (Caria)
List of Events:
___ in Sparta? (Lakonia) on ( 200 to 300 )
___ in Alexandria? on ( 200 to 300 )
Pythia in Kaisareia Tralleis (Caria) on ( 200 to 300 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: ___
combat sports: pale
List of Agonistic Titles:
List of References:
Bl├╝mel, EA 13 (1989), pp. 129-130 = SEG 39.1144
CIG 2.2935
I.Tralleis 113 = LBW 598
List of Prosopographies:
Cartledge & Spawforth (1989), F.34
Gouw (2009), no. 56
Strasser (2001), no. E6
Strasser (2021), no. 265
Comment: According to Cartledge (1989) this athlete was a wrestler during the second or third century. It is unknown in which contests he contented. - YP Gouw suggests that Inventus' title of 'undefeated' in boxing was due to avoiding rather than taking on competition. He was appointed xystarch for life by an unknown emperor.