Person: Metrophianos Sosinikos son of Metrophianos from Selge (Pisidia)

Person ID: 285
Name: Metrophianos Sosinikos
Father's Name: Metrophianos
Place of Origin: Selge (Pisidia)
Honorary Citizen of:
Sparta (Lakonia)
List of References:
SEG 11.832
List of Prosopographies:
Cartledge & Spawforth (1989), F.29
Ugolini (2015), no. 56
Comment: According to Cartledge (1989) this person was probably a contestant in public games (agonistes), the specific events and disciplines are unknown. According to Cartledge he was probably active somewhere during the Antonine/early Severan period (second and/or third century). - YP