Person: Leokreon/Kreon from Keos (Cyclades)

Person ID: 2009
Name: Leokreon/Kreon
Place of Origin: Keos (Cyclades)
List of Festivals:
Olympia in Elis (Elis)
List of Events:
Olympia in Elis (Elis) on ( -540 to -540 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: pugme
List of References:
Philostratos Gym. 12
List of Prosopographies:
Moretti (1957), no. 116
Comment: Philostratos mistakenly attributes the introduction of pugme for boys to this Olympiad. Moretti suggests the possibility of the name being Leokreon, mostly based on IG XII.5, 608 in which this name appears.