Person: Spedios Satyros from Nikopolis (Epeiros)

Person ID: 1462
Name: Spedios Satyros
Place of Origin: Nikopolis (Epeiros)
List of Festivals:
Aktia in Nikopolis (Epeiros)
List of Events:
Aktia in Nikopolis (Epeiros) on ( ? to 212 )
List of References:
Cormack, BSA 41 (1945), pp. 107-108
EEP (1938), pp. 95-96
EKM 1.373
List of Prosopographies:
Sarikakis (1965), no. 37
Stefanis no. 2234
Comment: The inscription has the name 'Spelios', but Robert thinks it should be Spedios. Cormack suggests S. Pedios, but, because the Roman names beginning with S are written as Ser., Sex. and Sp., hesitates to adopt the name Sp. Pedios. Sarikakis thinks the last name could well be supported, if we assume that SPELIOS came from haplography from SPPELIOS. According to the inscription, the man was a φωνασκός, i.e. someone who trains his voice (either his own, or that of others, as a 'singing-master' or vocal coach).