Person: Tiberius Claudius Glaphyros

Person ID: 1459
Name: Tiberius Claudius Glaphyros
Date Range: 50 to 100
List of Festivals:
Aktia in Nikopolis (Epeiros)
List of Events:
Sebasta in ___ on ( 50 to 100 )
Aktia in Nikopolis (Epeiros) on ( 50 to 100 )
List of Disciplines:
choral: choros (choraules)
List of Agonistic Titles:
List of References:
CIL VI 10120
List of Prosopographies:
Sarikakis (1965), no. 28
Friedländer (1948), 201
Comment: Dedication, found in Rome, to the goddess Heria Thisbe monodiaria ('she who sings alone') by the choraules Glaphyros.