Person: Agathokles son of Mopsos

Person ID: 11680
Name: Agathokles
Father's Name: Mopsos
Place of Origin:
List of Festivals:
___ in
List of Events:
___ in on ( 100 to 200 )
List of Disciplines:
theatre: pantomimos (orchestes)
List of Agonistic Titles:
List of References:
I.Kition 2087
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Pogiatzi (2003), pp. 183-184, no. 96
Poyiadji (2002), p. 264, no. 355
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List of Prosopographies:
Stephanis (1988), no. 30
Strasser (2021), no. 276
Comment: The shield and the crown depicted on the stele were perhaps there to recall the victories of the mime in the competitions, in this case at the Shield of Argos, even if we have to date no evidence of the existence of such competitions (Strasser).