Person: Lysippos from Elis (Elis)

Person ID: 1057
Name: Lysippos
Place of Origin: Elis (Elis)
Date Range: -175 to -150
List of Festivals:
Olympia in Olympia (Elis)
List of Events:
Olympia in Olympia (Elis) on ( -175 to -150 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: pale
List of References:
Paus. 6.16.7
List of Prosopographies:
Moretti (1957), no. 621
Comment: Date: Pausanias tells us that the statue of Lysippos was made by a certain Andreas of Argos. This man, together with Andromachos of Argos, also made the statue of proconsul Q. Marcius Philippus, probably after his consulship in 169 BC and the end of the Third Macedonian War (171-168 BC) (IvO 318). Moretti suggests the 154th Olympiad (=164 BC) for Lysippos' victory. [DvdL]