Festival: Isthmia in Corinth (Corinthia)

Festival ID: 195
Festival Name: Isthmia
Festival Place: Corinth (Corinthia)
List of Participants:
[athlete] from
Diogenes from
T. Claudius Metrodoros from
Apion son of Poseidonios from
[athlete] from
Titus Aelius Aurelius Metrodoros from Philadelphia (Lydia)
Semakos from
(Marcus Antonius?) Sekoundos from Ephesos? (Ionia)
Publius Pompeius Eutychus (Ninnaros Ninnus) from Philadelphia (Lydia)
[? K..kta]benos son of Proklos from Ephesos (Ionia)
Piseas son of Piseas from Aphrodisias (Caria)
Philippos Glykon (The Glory of AsiaThe lightning bolt of the pankrationThe broad-footedThe New Atlas) son of Asklepiades from Pergamon (Mysia)
Marcus Ulpius Domestikos from Ephesos (Ionia)
Marcus Aurelius Thelymitres from Miletos (Ionia)
Marcus Aurelius Philosebastos from Ephesos (Ionia)
Lucius Silicius Firmus Mandrogenes from Magnesia on the Maeander (Ionia)
Kandidianos from Aphrodisias (Caria)
Gaius Perelius Aurelius Alexander from Thyateira (Lydia)
Aurelius Phoebammon son of Poseidonios from (Egypt)
Iulius Diodotos
[wrestler] from Messene (Achaia)
Pythion son of Kleuphanes from Rhodos (Rhodos)
Aurelius Septimius Eirenaios son of Eutychos from Laodikeia (Syria)
Gaius Iulius son of Gaius Iulius Bassos from Miletos (Ionia)
Lucius Septimius Aurelius Serapion from Alexandria (Egypt)
[---]r son of [---]r from Sparta (Lakonia)
[equestrian] from Larisa (Thessaly)
Lucius Septimius Aurelianus from Nikomedeia (Bithynia)
Titus Flavius Archibios from Alexandria (Egypt)
Tiberius Julius Septimius Julianus from Smyrna (Ionia)
Menekrates son of Assyrios from Sillyon (Pamphylia)
Bentidios Sota
Claudius Rufus Peisaios (Apollonius) son of Claudius Apollonius Smyrnaios from Smyrna (Ionia)
Marcus Aurelius Chrysippos from Alexandria?
Lucius Silikios Firmos Mandrogenes from Magnesia on the Meander (Ionia)
Marcus Aurelius Agathopous from Aegina (Aegina)
Titus Antonius Eutychianos from Pessinous (Galatia)
[Mar(kos) Au]relius [--]menos from Kos (Kos)
Marcus Aurelius Philosebastos from Ephesos (Ionia)
Marcus Aurelius Alexandros from Kos (Kos)
Publius Pompeius Eutyches (Nannaros) from Philadelphia (Lydia)
Mnasiboulos son of Mnasiboulos from Elateia (Phokis)
Titus Aurelius Beryllos from Aizanoi (Phrygia)
Lucius Sertorius from Daldis (Lydia)
Marcus Aurelius Demetrios (Harpokration) from Hermopolis Magna (Egypt)
Titus Aelius Aurelius Metrodoros from Philadelphia (Lydia)
Titus Aelius Aurelius Apollonius from Tarsos (Cilicia)
[...] Ulpius from Telmessos (Lycia)
Publius Aelius from Laodikeia on the Lykos (Phrygia)
Marcus Ulpius Domesticus from Ephesos (Ionia)
Isidoros from Alexandria?
[Titus?] Flavius Theodotos son of Noum[enios?]
Serapo[doros] from Melos? (Melos)
Marcus Flavius Antoninus from Hierapolis? (Phrygia)
Marcus Ulpius Sokrates from Sparta? (Lakonia)
Pankles son of Pankles from Tenos? (Tenos)
Tiberius Claudius Nikanor from Seleukeia Pieria (Syria)
Titus Flavius Metrobios son of Demetrios from Iasos (Caria)
Tiberius Claudius Artemidoros from Kaisareia Tralleis (Caria)
Quintus Marcius Titianos from Athens (Attica)
Quintus Marcius Straton from Athens (Attica)
Athenaios from Athens (Attica)
Tiberius Claudius Hermas son of Ision from Antiochia (on the Orontes) (Syria)
([kitharistes]) from Kos? (Kos)
Epitherses son of Metrodoros from Erythrai (Ionia)
D[...]gonos from Kephallenia (Kephallenia)
Moschos from Kolophon (Ionia)
Kleoxenos from Alexandria
Herodoros from Megara (Megaris)
Astyanax from Miletos (Ionia)
Antilochos son of Mnasilochos from Kamiros (Rhodes)
Valerius Eklektos from Sinope (Pontus)
Titus Domitius Prometheus from (Attica)
Demetrios son of Demetrios from Salamis (Cyprus)
Quintus Julius Dionysios from Katane (Sicily)
Lucius Septimius Aurelius Marcianus from Nikomedia (Bithynia)
([equestrian]) from Corinth (Corinthia)
[...]onou from Athens (Attica)
Titus Aelius Aureli<an>us Theodotos son of Rufus Philadelphos from Nikomedeia (Bithynia)
Marcus Aurelius Koros from Thyateira (Lydia)
Xenarkes/Xenarches son of Philandrides? from Sparta (Lakonia)
Diophanes son of Empedion from Athens (Attica)
Oligaithidai NN (family) from Corinth (Corinthia)
Liparion son of Liparos from Ioulis? (Keos)
Thebaioi NN (family) (Κάδμου στρατός) from Thebes (Boiotia)
Timodemidai NN (family) from Acharnai (Attica)
Alkmeonidai NN (family) from Athens (Attica)
Theandridai NN (family) from Aegina (Aegina)
Titus Aelius Aurelius Menandros from Aphrodisias (Caria)
Titus Aelius Aurelius Maron (the Halter; the Jumper) from Kalykadnos (Cilicia)
Marcus Aurelius Hermagoras from Magnesia on the Sipylos (Lydia)
Publius Aelius Heliodoros from Kalykadnos (Cilicia)
([athlete]) from Ephesos? (Ionia)
Aristeas from Stratonikeia (Caria)
Publius Aelius Aristomachos from Magnesia on the Meander (Ionia)
Marcus Ju<s>tius Marcianus Rufus (Eioutios, Iutius) from Sinope (Pontus)
Secundus from Ephesos? (Ionia)
([wrestler]) from Sparta? (Lakonia)
Gaius Aelius Themison son of Theodotos from Miletos (Ionia)
Marcus Ulpius Heliodoros son of Diodoros from Attaleia? (Pamphylia)
([athlete]) from Athens? (Attica)
Tiberius Scandilianus Zosimos from Gortyn (Crete)
Titus Flavius Artemidoros son of Artemidoros from Adana (Cilicia)
Alexandros son of Menandros from Ephesos (Ionia)
[...]atos ([runner, pentathlete]) son of Pythodoros from Kos (Kos)
Titus Flavius Asklep[i... from Miletos (Ionia)
Titus Flavius Hermogenes (Hippos) son of Apollonios from Xanthos (Lycia)
Rufus from (Egypt)
Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar son of Gnaius Domitius Ahenobarbus from Rome (Italy)
Marcus Aurelius Antonius Lucius from Smyrna (Ionia)
([runner]) son of ...krates from Miletos (Ionia)
Titus Flavius [P]oll[is] son of Ariston? from Rhodos (Rhodos)
Ariston from Kos? (Kos)
Lucius Cornelius Corinthus from Corinth (Corinthia)
Tiberius Claudius Patrobius from Antiochia (on the Orontes) (Syria)
Hedea daughter of Hermesianax from Kaisareia Tralleis (Caria)
Tryphosa daughter of Hermesianax from Kaisareia Tralleis (Caria)
Heras from Laodikeia on the Lykos (Phrygia)
Damostratos from Sinope (Pontus)
([runner]) from Kaisareia Tralleis (Caria)
Marcus Aurelius O[...]lon from Ankyra (Galatia)
Marcus Aurelius Asklepiades from Alexandria (Egypt)
Marcus Aurelius Demostratos Damas from Sardis (Lydia)
([athlete]) from (Achaia)
son of Pythodoros from Kos? (Kos)
Diogenes son of Diogenes from Samos? (Samos)
Lenaios son of Prytanis from Erythrai (Ionia)
Heraklides son of Heraklides from Klaros? (Ionia)
Herakleitos son of Diodoros from Samos? (Samos)
Drakontomenes son of Hierokles from Halikarnassos (Caria)
son of [Myr?]silos from Miletos (Ionia)
Onasiteles son of Onasistratos from Cedrea? (Caria)