Event: Ladas from Argos? (Argeia)

Event ID 5266
Person Ladas son of ___ from Argos? in Argeia
Festival Olympia in Elis (Elis)
Discipline running: dolichos
Age Category
Date -500 - -400
Achievement V
Comment: Despite Ladas' fame as apparent in the numerous references in Latin authors, we only know about one of his victories, the Olympic one in the dolichos (Paus. 3.21.1). The bronze statue of Ladas was made by Miron. This gives an approximate date: Moretti (1957, no. 260) suggests either the 80th (= 460 BC), 81st (= 456 BC) or after the 84th Olympiad (444 BC). He favours the 80th Olympiad. Dating his victory to the 5th century BC seems to be the safest option.