Event: Tiberius Julius Apolaustos from Ephesos? (Ionia)

Event ID 4618
Person Tiberius Julius Apolaustos son of ___ from Ephesos? in Ionia
Festival Aktia in Nikopolis (Epeiros)
Discipline theatre: hypokrisis
Age Category
Date 180 - 192
Achievement V
Comment: I.Ephesos 2070-2071 ll. 14-15 (crowned with a silver wreath at Nikopolis) F.Delphes III.1, 551 ll. 22-23 (honored with statue base at Nikopolis) NB: Perhaps Apolaustos did not actually win a victory at the Aktia. See Strasser in Tyche 19 (2004), pp. 182-184 about this victory. Following lines about this publication copied from SEG 54.417: In the Corinthian text and in I.Eph. 2070 the Ἀκτιακὸς στέφανος ἀργύρεος, which he received in Nikopolis in the Aktia, is mentioned but in the Delphian text it is lacking. In Nikopolis Apolaustos was not allowed to participate in the official agon; he performed during an ἐπίδειξις or ἀκρόασις. The crown he received was an object of value (to be compared to money-prizes in ἀγῶνες θεματικοί), not the official Stephanos of the winners in the ἱερὸς ἀγών. Once he had won in the ἱερός ἀγών of the Olympia in Pergamon (see the Delphian inscription in SEG 54 1184, LL. 5-8), there was no need to mention the second-rate crown from Nikopolis anymore.