Event: Theochrestos II son of Mnasarchos? from Kyrene (Kyrenaika)

Event ID 4251
Person Theochrestos II son of Mnasarchos? from Kyrene in Kyrenaika
Festival Olympia in Olympia (Elis)
Discipline chariot: ___
Age Category
Date -325 - -275
Achievement V
Comment: Paus. 6.12.7 mentions a family of charioteers, three generations to be precise: the 'grandfather' and 'son' were both named Theochrestos and won in the Olympics. The father - the middle generation - remains unnamed, who won at Isthmia (see ID 504 in this database). Moretti (1957), no. 428 argues that both Theochrestos I (the grandfather) and Theochrestos II were likely to have lived and won their victories in the course of the 4th century BC (hence our estimation for Theochrestos II's victory: ca. 325-275 BC). He suggests Theochrestos II's victory to have taken place at the 120th Olympiad (= 300 BC). [DvdL]