Event: Satyros son of Lysianax from Elis (Elis)

Event ID 4199
Person Satyros son of Lysianax from Elis in Elis
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline combat sports: pugme
Age Category
Date -340 - -320
Achievement V
Comment: Pausanias (6.4.5) mentions Satyros victories in pugme: five at the Nemea, two at the Pythia, and two at the Olympia. He also records that the statue of Satyros was made by the Athenian Silanion, who according to Moretti (1957), no. 462 was active in the period 390-310 BC. A Satyros from Elis is also mentioned as victorious in the Amphiaria in Oropos in the year 329/328 BC (in the category 'andres'). Satyros' athletic career must therefore date to ca. 340-320 BC. [DvdL]