Event: Sosias son of Onasiph[---] from Messene (Achaia)

Event ID 39
Person Sosias son of Onasiph[---] from Messene in Achaia
Festival Isthmia in Sikyon (Sykionia)
Discipline running: stadion
Age Category paides
Date -200 - -50
Achievement V
Comment: The contest place is based upon the premise that the Isthmia were moved to Sikyon after the destruction of Corinth by the Romans, cf. Farrington (2012), p. 24-5. The ancient source SEG 46.422 gives more victories than the Isthmian - the Isthmian victory is a restoration, and the discipline is uncertain. Farrington gives stadion, but admits diaulon is a possible reading too, cf. note 357 in Farrington (2012). The dating is also tentative and based upon Farrington (2012), note 356, based upon references to the Herakleia in Pergamon among other things. - PK