Event: Gaius Ilius Aurelius Protogenes from Anemurium (Cilicia)

Event ID 3303
Person Gaius Ilius Aurelius Protogenes son of ___ from Anemurium in Cilicia
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Date 190 - 235
Achievement V
Comment: There is debate whether the victor with the title of periodonikes in the Russell description is Protogenes or his son Gaius Julius Aurelius Protogenes Damoites. Farrington (2012) considers the victor in this inscription to be Protogenes (footnote 649). Russel, Anemurium 319-322 suggests that the victor won in a non-athletic contest (for example keryx or salpigktes). According to Farrington (2012), the victories were probably obtained somewhere between the end of the second century and the early third century (190-235). The specific victories of the periodos are unknown, therefore we assume that Protogenes was victorious at the traditional four festivals of the periodos. - YP