Event: Tiberius Julius Apolaustos from Ephesos? (Ionia)

Event ID 3173
Person Tiberius Julius Apolaustos son of ___ from Ephesos? in Ionia
Festival Olympia Asklepeia Komodeia Sebasta koina Asias in Pergamon (Mysia)
Discipline theatre: hypokrisis
Age Category
Date 180 - 192
Achievement V
Comment: SEG 45.2291 on the career of the athlete reads: 'The contest at Pergamon held under the reign of Commodus was the very first that had ever been organized for pantomimes in the East. This is why Apolaustos records it at great length at the beginning of F.Delphes IIΙ 1 551 (ll. 1-10; cf. SEG 45.490), proclaiming explicitly that it was in his ‘own discipline’ (l. 1: τὸ ἴδιον ἄθλημα, a locution unique in victor inscriptions).'