Event: Hermione son of Polykrates from Argos (Argeia)

Event ID 304837
Person Hermione daughter of Polykrates from Argos in Argeia
Festival Panathenaia in Athens (Attica)
Discipline riding: keles (teleios)
Age Category polikos
Date -202 - -198
Achievement V
Comment: Hermione daughter of Polykrates from Argos, won with keles teleion in the Panathenaia of 202. In the same year her sisters also won: Eukrateia (no 149) with harma teleion and Zeuxo with harma polikon. Polykrates (no. 234) and his wife Zeuxo (no 289) had been victorious in 198 BC. Polykrates son of Mnasiades was Ptolemaic governor of Cyprus. (Tracy redates this inscription attributing it to a cutter of Agora I7181 active between 224/3- 188/7 BC). cf. Charneux ; van Bremen The entire house 360 ff. NB Tracy and Habicht reject the restoration of her name in IGII(2), 2314, l. 95 and 94