Event: Timodemos son of Timonoos from Athens (Attica)

Event ID 304646
Person Timodemos son of Timonoos from Athens in Attica
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline combat sports: pankration
Date -485 - -449
Achievement V
Comment: The ode is for his pankration victory, but commemorates more victories of his family (the Τιμοδημίδαι). Because it is unclear whether he won all, only one Nemean victory is added. - PS Several dates have been proposed for when Timodemos won his Nemean victory, most based on the scholion for his Olymic victory which was won "soon after" (Drachmann 1927, 28-29, 1a). Bowra suggests 485 (Bowra 1964, 407), while Morreti 460 BC(Moretti (1953), 97). If so, the Nemean victory must have been before these years, perhaps 485 or 461. If we take Pindar’s latest dateable work, Pyth. 8, as terminus ante quem, and since an Olympiad (the 83rd) fell in 448 BC, the Nemean victory of Timodemos may date to between 461 and 449 BC. - EK