Event: Sosias son of Onasiph[---] from Messene (Achaia)

Event ID 304471
Person Sosias son of Onasiph[---] from Messene in Achaia
Festival Hemerasia in ?
Age Category andres
Date -200 - -50
Achievement V
Comment: Makres (2020), p.200 mentions that the discipline is hoplitan, but the hoplitan in SEG 46.422 is only mentioned after another couple of festivals while the inscription normally lists the discipline directly after the festival. It is thus unclear to me which discipline Sosias won. Makres moreover lists it as a festival, while the comment on Record ID 2481 mentions it as an epiteth of Artemis. - PS The dating is also tentative and based upon Farrington (2012), note 356, based upon references to the Herakleia in Pergamon among other things. - PK