Event: [wrestler] from Messene (Achaia)

Event ID 30436
Person [wrestler] son of ___ from Messene in Achaia
Festival Antigoneia in (Achaia)
Discipline combat sports: pale
Age Category andres
Date -225 - -175
Achievement V
Comment: Makres (2020), p.175 mentions that this is the first attestation to the Antinogeia in the Peloponnese. It is not clear where it was celebrated. Makres (2020), p.177 no.2 mentions an Antigoneia in either Sikyon or Mantineia, but this is a different athlete so it is not sure whether the Antiongeia of Makres no.1 is also at one of these places. She does place it in the Peloponnese in table 2. -PS