Event: Diodorus from Alexandria (Egypt)

Event ID 30158
Person Diodorus son of ___ from Alexandria in Egypt
Festival Capitolia in Rome (Italy)
Discipline literature/oratory: poiesis (poesia graeca)
Date 86 - 94
Achievement P
Comment: Martialis' epigram relates the story of a man coming home to his girlfriend after having left to compete in the Capitolia so that she can fulfill her promise 'to lick, innocent girl, what even chaste Sabine women love' (illam lingeret ut puella simplex quam castae quoque diligunt Sabinae; 'illam' implicitly referring to 'cauda', penis). The epigram does not inform the reader whether Diodorus makes it to Rome, let alone whether he was victorious. Caldelli has 'poeta graecus' as Diodorus discipline, but I am not sure on what grounds. - CT