Event: Gaius Iulius Bassos from Miletos (Ionia)

Event ID 2924
Person Gaius Iulius Bassos son of ___ from Miletos in Ionia
Festival Koina Asias in Ephesos (Ionia)
Date 170 - 205
Achievement V
Comment: The inscription records 24 victories at the three large Koina Asias festivals, Pergamon, Ephesus, and Smyrna, among which he won a διὰ πάντων contest and three koina-contests (ἐν οἷς καὶ διὰ πάντων καὶ κοι/νὰ γ’, ll. 10-11). How many victories he won at each (or in which discipline) is unknown, wherefore the three festivals are entered once each.