Event: Tiberius Claudius Patrobius from Antiochia (on the Orontes) (Syria)

Event ID 2570
Person Tiberius Claudius Patrobius son of ___ from Antiochia (on the Orontes) in Syria
Festival Koinon Bithynias in Nikaia (Bithynia)
Discipline combat sports: pale
Age Category andres?
Date 43 - 60
Achievement V
Comment: 'Quinquennial.' Presumably still men's wrestling. The inscription, IGUR I 249, specifies the suburb where the athlete is from, which also allows us to identify which Antioch is meant: 'Antiocheus apo Daphnes'. The dating is based upon Farrington (2012), 139 note 427, based upon the lack of mentioning of the Neronia founded in 60 A.D. and an estimated career length of 15 years. The source also mentions various other victories apart from the Isthmian: the athlete completed a.o. the periodos. - PK