Event: Chilon / Cheilon son of Chilon / Cheilon from Patrai (Achaia)

Event ID 2035
Person Chilon / Cheilon son of Chilon / Cheilon from Patrai in Achaia
Festival Olympia in Olympia (Elis)
Discipline combat sports: pale
Age Category andres
Date -332 - -332
Achievement V
Comment: Paus. 6.4.6 tells us that Chilon won men's wrestling twice at Olympia, once at Delphi, four times at the Isthmos and three times in the Nemean games, while also giving us an epigram from an Olympic inscription pertaining to Chilon. Farrington's dating is inconsistent, but I follow Farrington (2012), p. 120-1 note 284 where he bases he dating off of the clues Pausanias gives and by reference to Moretti's dating of Chilon's Olympic victory to 332 and 328 B.C. Farrington mentions that Ebert (1979), 158 takes the epigram in Pausanias to mean that Chilon won two times in the Pythia, which was however not Pausanias' own interpretation, which is followed here. - PK