Event: Demokrates son of Lysis from Athens? (Attica)

Event ID 1888
Person Demokrates son of Lysis from Athens? in Attica
Festival Nemea? in Nemea (Kleonaia)
Discipline riding: ___
Age Category
Date -440 - -430
Achievement V
Comment: This is a very uncertain entry, coming from Plato's Lysis 205C, which is very vague: it connects victories at Delphi, the Isthmos and Nemea to Demokrates and his father Lysis and other ancestors of the Lysis present in the dialogue. Therefore it is not certain which victory is to be connected to which name, Demokrates son of Lysis as well as that Lysis share a number in Farrington's catalogue, viz. 1.52. It is said the victories were in equestrian events, chariot teams and coursers. Since they cannot be tied to a specific person with certainty, all victories are marked with question marks. I follow Farrington (2012), 117 note 268 for dating and origin. - PK