Event: Diagoras son of Damagetos from Rhodes (Rhodes)

Event ID 1826
Person Diagoras son of Damagetos from Rhodes in Rhodes
Festival ___ in Megara (Megaris)
Discipline combat sports: pugme
Age Category
Date -480 - -464
Achievement V
Comment: Subject of Pindar's 7th Olympian Ode. Lines 15-20 (by paraphrase, reference to Alpheios and Kastalia rivers) and 79-90 enumerates his victories: an Olympic, a Pythian, two unspecified Rhodian (for Tlapolemos), four Isthmian and more than one Nemean and Athenian victories; as well as victories at Argos, Arcadia, Thebes, Boeotia, Pellana, six times in Aegina and six times in Megara. He is called a boxer throughout the poem, so we can safely assume this as his discipline in all these victories. Many contest names are not given, though sometimes prizes are. Farrington (2012), p. 114 note 253 gives dating for the Olympic and Isthmian victories based on the scholiast and Klee (1918), which I follow. - PK