Event: Timodemos from Smyrna? (Ionia)

Event ID 1531
Person Timodemos son of ___ from Smyrna? in Ionia
Festival Isthmia in Isthmia (Corinthia)
Discipline combat sports: pugme
Age Category
Date -600 - -300
Achievement V
Comment: I have followed Farrington (2012), 1.3 for both dating and origin - his dating is explained on p. 101-2 note 198. As far as the origin goes, I am not sure - the source for this athlete is Anth. Gr. 13.5, an epigram by Phalaikos, which presumably represents a dialogue between (a passer-by) and four statues/reliƫf figures. Farrington does not explain his choice of origin city, and it is not evident from the text. I have consulted the Loeb edition, which suggests Timodemos won the diaulon, whereas Farrington gives pale and pugme. I follow Farrington. - PK