Event: Publius Aelius Ailianos from Salamis (Cyprus)

Event ID 1341
Person Publius Aelius Ailianos son of ___ from Salamis in Cyprus
Festival ___ in Antiochia (on the Orontes) (Syria)
Discipline music: aulesis (pythaulesis)
Age Category
Date 125 - 139
Achievement V
Comment: It is only said of this contest that it was in Antiocheia apo Daphnes, which he won 6 (?) times. The dating is taken from Farrington (2012), 148 note 479, based on the reference to the Olympia at Athens founded by the 'god Hadrian', which suggests Hadrian was dead and deified at the time of this inscription, i.e.. post 138 A.D.; Ailianos participated in the first iteration of these, presumably in 131-2 A.D., so between victory and inscription there lays about 8-9 years, and given an estimated career length of 15 years Ailianos might have started around 125 A.D., thus Farrington. - PK