Event: ([wrestler]) from Sparta? (Lakonia)

Event ID 1223
Person [wrestler] son of ___ from Sparta? in Lakonia
Festival ex Argous aspis in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline combat sports: ___
Age Category
Date 95 - 130
Achievement V
Comment: The dating is based upon Farrington (2012), 143 note 461, based on reference to the Ourania and Leonideia in Sparta and the lack of reference to Hadrianic competitions. The source, IG V.1 658 does not mention the name of the athlete but does mention several separate victories, among which the unspecified 'allous pentaeterikous plistous agonas'. The disciplines mentioned are pale and pankration, but they are not specified per victory, which is the reason all Event entries give merely 'combat sports'. - PK